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Take This Simple Quiz To Discover Why You Haven't Finished Your Book

This free, one-minute quiz will help you discover if you need help with your writing, and if so, what type of support is best. Then you'll know what's keeping you from finishing the book of your dreams and what to do about it. The answers just may surprise you!

When you think about sitting down to write your book, how does it feel?

1. Overwhelming: I’m hesitant about pouring hours into it (even though it’s haunting me).
2. Confused: I have a lot of good ideas, but where do I start?
3. Awesome: Writing is my absolute favorite thing!

What is the biggest challenge for you?

1. Writing doesn’t come naturally; I have many ideas, but they’re all stuck in my head.
2. Organizing my ideas, sitting down, and doing the work.
3. Grammar, punctuation, and self-editing.

What do you like about the writing process?

1. I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite thing. But I have a story I want to share.
2. Once I start writing and get in the zone, it’s like magic takes over.
3. I love everything about the writing process!


#1. If your answers were (mostly) #1, it sounds like you’ve got a great story to tell, but the chances of you completing it yourself sounds remote. When you hire a ghostwriter, they will unravel your story with a series of interviews and then create your book for you, but ultimately, you will be the author. They do all the work and you get all the credit.  

#2. If your answers were (mostly) #2, then a writing coach will provide the expertise you need to organize your thoughts while becoming an accountability partner. Your coach will also be able to answer questions about the process, provide publishing options, and track your progress while helping you with everything from the initial idea to the final draft.

#3. If your answers were (mostly) #3, a copy editor will look at your final draft and help you with structure, grammar, punctuation, and clarity. This is the final stage of polishing your fiction or nonfiction work, even if you work with a coach or ghostwriter.

Imagine Holding Your Book In Your Hands!

At Champion Studios, we transform leaders into published authors by capturing their successful legacies with a novel, memoir, or self-help book of their own. Our writing studio creates best-selling authors with award-winning ghostwriting using the exclusive "Become A Published Author System." This proven program will make your book a page-turner.  

We are interviewing aspiring authors now to fill our schedule. We currently have an opening for a leader interested in ghostwriting options for their fiction or nonfiction book. Several coaching opportunities are also available. If you know someone who is looking for this type of help, share the video at Legacy-Coach.com, then contact T.L. Champion at TL@Champion-Studios.com.

BONUS: A complimentary 20-minute phone consultation is available to all aspiring authors who are interested. In your email, please include several dates and times that work with your schedule. For an evaluation of your story, visit the Coach's Assessment. Connect with us on LinkedIn.