Receive a Professional Story Assessment

If you’re tired of being overwhelmed by the story you should be starting, finishing, or publishing, maybe it’s time to get an assessment from a professional. Wouldn’t you like to get honest feedback to organize your project with simple, manageable goals?

Before investing more time and energy into developing your book or screenplay, it's a good idea to have it evaluated.
As your coach (or ghostwriter), I will be looking at the big picture, for your message and your delivery. I'll help you build an engaging introduction, strong conclusion, and slow build of tension and conflict leading to the climax. (This formula works for fiction and nonfiction.) Together, we'll also develop rich characters and dialog.

Your Assessment Will Include:

  • Positive feedback regarding your strengths as a writer
  • Solid, concrete ways to improve your story
  • A determination of the content leading to the climax
  • A simple formula to help make your story more exciting
  • A system to create an outline, track your progress, and meet your goals
  • Light editing

I will read your story and give you a price according to the word count. Then I will produce a report and we will talk by phone to discuss how you can develop your book or screenplay and whether it would be of interest to readers/producers. This will help me understand your story concept and your ability and potential as a writer.

Contact Us For A Complimentary Session. Call today and receive a complimentary 20-minute coaching session by phone, including tips used by the pros. Our exclusive Story Climax Formula will help you write exciting fiction and nonfiction. The writers I’ve worked with are publishing, winning awards, and being commissioned to create screenplays for Hollywood producers. Contact or (216) 521-3186.

Aren't you tired of wondering if your story is good enough? Get the feedback, support, and confidence you need to make your story successful.

“I worked on my book for years before I found the perfect coach. As a result of working with T.L. Champion, the ‘writer’s coach,’ I published my first book, which has garnered a lot of media attention. Now I’m turning it into a screenplay. My next step is Hollywood.”
- Jeff Daniels, Author, My Brother the Boxer
“A series of coincidences made me realize I had the makings of a novel. I was also thinking about hiring a coach, then I met someone at a writer’s conference who spoke highly of T.L., and I called her right away. Now I know why she’s sought after in the writing community.”
Stephen Schneider, Author