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Are you a first-time writer who wants to publish a book, but you wonder if your story's good enough, exciting enough, or if you're just kidding yourself? Maybe you've tried writing your story but there have been too many starts and stops along the way. 

I understand. It's tough finding the time to write a book, and if you do, how do you know if anyone will want to read it?

My name is T.L. Champion, and I'm an award-winning writer, writing coach, ghostwriter, and creator of the "Become a Published Author System" proven to help you finish your book so you can share your unique stories with the world. I've helped hundreds of writers succeed with a formula that makes your story a page-turner.

The "Become a Published Author System" is the only one that features the exclusive Story Climax Formula, a proven process you won't find anywhere else. This simple, four-part formula will help you build drama and intrigue whether you're creating a piece of fiction, a nonfiction memoir, or a book of business concepts.

This system will save you time and money, helping you move your book forward with a solid strategy for success. When you sign up, you will receive:

1. Ghostwriting or individual coaching by phone with me, your accountability partner. I take the mystery out of finding the time to write. (With our ghostwriting service, we do all the work and you get all the credit.)

2. The Step Outline will be your personal GPS navigation to keep you on track.

3. The exclusive Story Climax Formula, which includes the Inciting Incident, a Hollywood "secret" that hooks the reader.

4. The Author's Dream Machine, the best way to set a target date and stick to it!

5. Publishing options for one book or thousands.

6. Critical tips and resources customized for you. 

What would publishing your book do for you? If you are confused about which type of support you need, take our quiz here.

NOTE: We work with writers at every level of experience, from beginner to professional. If you're interested in having a book written for you, ask about our ghostwriting services. 

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