Market Your Book


Once your book is published, it's time to market it. Choose from a menu of items that include writing a script and producing your Author Spotlight video for social media, developing your website content, and creating press releases. We handle all of the details.  

Author Spotlight Videos

Once your book is published, we will create a promotional video script to help you market it to the masses. Watch a selection of video formats by clicking here.

Website Content

Whether you are developing a new site or updating an existing one, we will create content for your book and anything else you’d like to include on your website.

Press Releases and Sales Sheets

There are items you’ll need to promote your book. A press release will help you target the media’s attention, but to get exposure or be included in their “favorite reads,” there are industry expectations you need to fulfill. Sales Sheets are critical when targeting distribution in bookstores, retail, universities, and airports.
"T.L . helped me take my message and craft it into a story.
She's worth every penny! I will go back to her for future books."
-     Pete S., published author and speaker
"T.L. is patient, kind, and generous in bringing out the story within. Not only will one
find the materials applicable to the current work, but also extremely useful across several writing projects."
-     Earle A., published author