It's Time to Turn Your Dream into a Reality!

If you've been working on your writing project without much progress, consider the benefits of hiring a ghostwriter. We do all the work, while you get all the credit. This is an excellent option for people who have a great story to tell but don’t feel they have the time or necessary skills to write a book.

Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Authoring a polished, professionally written book is a great legacy piece for your family, business, and community. But if your project has stalled for months (or years), it can be frustrating. That's why ghostwriting is a great option. Our clients love this seamless process!

How It Works

We will start with a discovery session to uncover your story. I prefer writing novels, memoirs, business, and how-to books with inspirational outcomes. We will use a proven, proprietary formula called the "Become a Published Author System" to organize your thoughts, develop the story, and showcase what you do and how you help people.

In addition, we will professionally edit your book, create an attractive cover design, and format/publish it according to Amazon's specifications. Furthermore, we will develop an author video script as the first step in providing social proof of your expertise. It takes four to six months to write a 100-page book, and six to nine months to write a 200-page book.

Who Have We Worked with in the Past?

As a ghostwriter and writing coach, I've worked with hundreds of executives, speakers, coaches, and business owners. Our authors have a wide range of expertise. We've worked with financial wealth experts, university professors, and retired employees from NASA. Other clients have worked at the Pentagon, the U.S. correctional system, and different branches of the military.

Here are examples of projects I've developed for clients:

•          The heroic journey of one of the first women to run a maximum-security prison with inmates on death row

•          The legacy of a man who fought Joe Frazier for the heavyweight title in his college years

•          The story of a woman who was neglected as a child and the consequences it presented as an adult

•          The philosophies of a popular hip-hop artist who opened for top musicians in his industry yet couldn't pay his bills

•          The memoir of a man who grew a business that he later sold for millions  

•          A guide that helps people track their success after changing behaviors (like substance abuse) with a goal-setting chart

Why Should You Work with Me?  

Over the years, my clients have complimented me on how I've "captured their voices," often commenting on my creative approach in mastering their projects. I take pride in helping people realize their dreams and watching them prosper!

Contact Us for a Complimentary Session

Imagine holding your book in your hands!  The writers we’ve worked with have won awards, become international bestsellers, and are being commissioned to create screenplays for Hollywood producers. Aren't you tired of wondering if your story is good enough? Get the feedback, support, and confidence you need to make your story successful. Contact us for a 30-minute complimentary session: or (216) 521-3186.

Note: No refunds.

“A series of coincidences made me realize I had the makings of a novel. I was also thinking about hiring a coach,
then I met someone at a writer’s conference who spoke highly of T.L., and I called her right away.
Now I know why she’s sought after in the writing community.”
--Stephen Schneider, author