What Secret Is Your Dog Keeping From You?

The underground world of dogs is revealed in this canine tell-all. Have you ever wondered why your dog eats out of the garbage, chases squirrels, or howls at the moon? It’s finally explained in Doggie Anonymous: Canine Confessions. This book offers beautiful, up-close-and-personal photographs accompanied by 40 entertaining, confidential “tails” that might put your own dog’s bad behavior in a new light!

It starts with “Haley,” a Golden Retriever and director of the Doggie Anonymous project, who explains, “We’re delving deep inside the canine underworld to reveal secrets that have plagued mankind for millennia—while changing names to protect the not-so-innocent. We’re on a Mission from Dog.”

40 Dogs. 40 Dilemmas. 40 Confessions. When you read Canine Confessions , you'll meet Max, the “ambitious over-retriever” and hear from dozens of his canine companions—including Floyd, Rocky, and Zeus—who desperately need a “doggie do-over.”

Paperback and hardcover can be found at Amazon.com. This book will benefit animal shelters.

T.L. Champion, author and speaker, gives a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves in Doggie Anonymous: Canine Confessions (Amazon). An award-winning writer and writing coach, T.L. is the creator of the Become a Published Author System, helping first-time writers start, finish, and publish their books. HUMOROUS NOTE: Some events were fictionalized for dramatic purposes.

Doggie Anonymous: Canine Confessions has been featured on these influencer's lists:

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  • "Best Beach Reads" (LIFNEY)
  • "Essential Reading for Kids" (Fupping)

                                                                       Media Questions Answered By The Author, T.L. Champion

Q. #1: How did you come up with the idea for the book, Doggie Anonymous? A: When I look at the world around us, it’s way too serious. In Doggie Anonymous, I'm attempting to add some levity by “interviewing” dogs to achieve a crossbred mix of humor and art.  

As a ghostwriter and professional writing coach, I experience a lot of heaviness when new writers talk about the guilt associated with starting, finishing, or publishing their books. I’ve written Doggie Anonymous: Canine Confessions to show up-and-coming authors that they can have fun writing about their favorite topics and maybe even drive some awareness to a favorite charity, as we’ve done with this book.

Q. #2: Why did you choose dogs as your subject? A: When I was a kid growing up in our dysfunctional household in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, I had a dog by the name of Pandy. I didn’t think of her as my dog so much as my baby sister. She saved my life with equal doses of love, patience and incredible listening skills. I am dedicating this book to her.

Q. #3: How did you interview and photograph the dogs? A: We conducted three high-energy, at times slobbery, photo shoots and spent several grueling hours interviewing each subject. As it turns out, there are many things dogs want humans to know.

Q. #4. What do dogs want humans to know? A: We tend to think of canines as simplistic creatures, but they are more complicated than we realize. The Doggie Anonymous Project is a critical step in taking our four-legged friends more seriously. For example, the last time your dog did something you didn’t like – let’s say, chew the couch cushions – did you ever stop to ask him/her why they did that? This book answers those questions.

Q. #5: Will the book benefit dogs in any way? A: Yes. This book will benefit some of our favorite animal shelters, including the Cleveland Kennel and the Animal Protective League.