Are You Looking for a Writing Coach  
to Take Your Story to the Next Level?

If you have a great concept for a book—but haven’t been able to start or finish it, you may need the help of a writing coach. Maybe you’re stuck for some reason. If so, is there something about the idea of the book that haunts you?

We get it. And we’re here to help.

The next step involves introducing you to the exclusive Become a Published Author System, which includes several tools proven to expedite your ability to start, finish, and publish the book of your dreams.  

It’s All about Your Legacy

While some writers come to us with a partial or finished manuscript, others haven’t written a word, and that’s okay. After hearing the idea behind your book’s concept—or giving your manuscript a thorough assessment—your Legacy Coach will pay special attention to the big picture, including the message that you want to hand down to future generations.

What Will You Receive?

When reading your book, we will offer valuable feedback and carefully note any redundancies, in your story (or business solution), while also helping you tie up any loose ends. Keeping your target audience’s expectations in mind, we will also look for a balance of critical items like plot, dialog, and description. 

During the process, your coach will schedule regular coaching sessions to keep you on track and you will receive help every step of the way. 

Imagine holding your book in your hands! 

See Legacy Ghostwriting. 
See the Difference Between Coaching and Ghostwriting.   

Look at What Our Clients Have to Say About Ghostwriting and Coaching

“I worked on my book for years before I found the perfect coach. As a result of working with T.L. Champion, the ‘writer’s coach,’ I published my first book, which has garnered a lot of media attention. Now I’m turning it into a screenplay. My next step is Hollywood.”
-     Jeff Daniels, author, My Brother the Boxer
“A series of coincidences made me realize I had the makings of a novel. I was also thinking about hiring a coach, then I met someone at a writer’s conference who spoke highly of T.L., and I called her right away. Now I know why she’s sought after in the writing community.”
-     Stephen Schneider, author
“T.L. helped me realize the book I had in me and then helped me put it to words. It was a painless process and I'm super proud of the end product."
-     Toby Brazwell
“T.L. has a terrific talent for taking some of my sentences and paragraphs and modifying them creatively. This has brought much more clarity, emotion and life into my book's storyline."
-     Phil Stone